Method acting came about when Lee Strasburg broke from the Stanislavsky acting method. The Stanislavsky Method focused on the past experienced by the actor and how it related to the current experience of the character. Strasburg opened the actors studio and developed another system for approaching roles. Method Acting was brought to the forefront of the acting world by Marlon Brando. Robert De Niro is the most famous contemporary actor who employed the method. However, every student who has been part of the Actor’s Studio has learned the method. The true meaning of method acting is living and breathing the character you have created for a role. There is a process that an actor must grasp and attune to before true method acting can begin. In embracing the character, the actor must remember that there is much more to embrace than the script explains, but many actors who employ the method will tell you its all hidden there just under the dialogue. The first step in beginning the method is to understand your character. This involves intense study of the script. A Mammet character has a lot to say,, but the real study begins when the actor is figuring out what the character is not saying. The goal of the method is to live and breathe the character. There are many questions that must be answered to accomplish this. The character must be the one who wakes up in your bed. How does the character start each day? Does he brush his teeth first? What does he have for breakfast? What would he wear? How does your character interact with the people you normally interact with? These are difficult questions and they will require inference from the script. They must be answered, and you must take the time to make sure they are correct to truly employ the method.

06 11th, 2013

If you would like to be an actor or actress, you will need to training. Most popular celebrities have attended acting schools where they learned how to act. Hollywood is not the place to start out. You should get some acting experience before heading to Hollywood. The best way to learn about the industry is to start out as an extra. Extras are needed in every movie that is made. To learn how to be an extra, contact your local film industry for help. Extras are not paid very much, but this is a great way Read the rest of this entry »

04 18th, 2013

The history of acting dates back to the Ancient Greek Civilization. According to legend, Thespis was the first Greek to ever perform on stage. In fact, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle has written about Thespis. In ancient Greek theater, masks and customs were essential components of acting. In fact, Thespis wore different masks and outfits to represent different characters. Sometimes, it was a one man show that only involved Thespis entertaining an entire crowd. The word Thespian has its origins from the great Read the rest of this entry »

01 26th, 2013

Granted, cable tv isn’t always the best place to look when it comes to “actors.” Usually, with television, you get actors that are good enough – the standards are significantly lower than most movies or theatrical performances.

You usually aren’t going to find someone on a TV show playing a psychopath doing what Heath Ledger did to himself to accurately portray the Joker. And, while Heath pushed himself to the brink, he understood the secret of acting:

Becoming someone else.

It’s not enough to know the lines and the direction during a performance. You must actually convince the audience that you are not an actor – you are the character you are portraying. The illusion must be that they aren’t seeing a performance; they are seeing a true to life version of a fictional character.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale do something called “method acting” which is where you immerse yourself so much into a role that you change your real life. In the case of Daniel Day-Lewis, if he were playing some kind of recluse, he would check himself into some hotel by himself and spend months developing the mindset of a recluse until it became reality for him.

However you decide to do it, it can’t be stressed enough that you must become the person you are portraying. Acting is such a poor word because you need to be more than just an actor playing a part. You must become the murderer, lover, artist, madman, etc.

07 3rd, 2012

There are a lot of men and women alike around the world who dream of becoming an actor in the future. There are even some kids and teenagers who join theater groups and dramatic classes just so they can learn everything when it comes to acting. However, if you are really serious when it comes to acting and you want to make it a professional career, the best thing that you should do is to look for an acting school.You can find a quick rundown here If you Read the rest of this entry »

07 2nd, 2012

Acting can very well be the career that most children want to have because of the fact that acting simply brings the money and the fame. There are hundreds of actors actresses out there who are deserving to make this list but I was able to put together a list of the ten best actors and actresses today.

10 Will Ferrell
Though many people will say that he “plays the same role” all the time, he is simply one of the Read the rest of this entry »

Can Being An Extra Get You Into Acting?

07 1st, 2012

Have you ever watched a movie crowd scene where the main character is in the forefront and there are a number of people around that character? Here’s another question. Have you ever taken your focus off the lead and focused on everything around them? Those people you see are extras. There is an entire genre called background players.

An entirely separate process from the main actors, background players have a completely different set of requirements and guidelines. In fact, they actually have lessons on how to become a successful extra. There are even different types of extras. One cannot Read the rest of this entry »

There are several differences between those who act in movies, and those who act in theater and live performances, but the main, and most obvious difference is the fact that a movie is filmed, and is edited, where a stage performance is live, and any errors or mistakes made by actors in the cast is going to be seen by the viewers. So, if you prefer the thrill of acting in front of a live crowd, you have to be great, and be able to deal with the distractions, so that Read the rest of this entry »